Social Stories

Social Stories

What are Social Stories and Comic Strip conversations?

They are tools used to teach Social understanding to students with Autistic Spectrum disorders/

Social Stories:

A techinque devised by Carol Gray designed to enable pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop social understanding in order to bring about changes in social behaviour.

Social stories are written according to a specific format and guidelines. The style of presentation of the story is tailored to each child and is always consistant with the visual learning styles of the student.

Below is an example of a Social Story written for an 8 year old boy who was consistently moaning to his teachers about every little thing that happened:

Telling Tales:

Telling tales is something lots of children do occasionally. Telling tales means that someone tells an adult about something that has been done to them.

Adults listen to the child who is telling the tale and will sometimes do something about it. If the same person keeps going to the adult telling tales, the adult gets fed up and thinks that the child is just moaning.

Instead of telling tales lots of children just forget about what has happened and carry on playing. Children very quickly forgive each other for bumping around and calling each other names.

I sometimes tell tales when people make fun of me or cheat at games. I tell tales because it makes me feel annoyed.

Instead of telling tales all the time I will try to forget about others winding me up or cheating and just carry on playing.

If my friends won’t play fairly or keep trying to make me be ‘it’ then I might try playing with some different children.

I will try to remember that most people don’t’ like ‘Tell Tales’, so I will try and forget what has annoyed me.