ADHD? Delayed speech and language? Naughty child


ADHD? Delayed speech and language? Naughty child

Our daughter, Kalise, is a complete joy to us. She is the life and soul of any environment and is so exceptionally bright. But if it wasn’t for Julie Clarke, she would have not had the level of understanding or been the girl she is today.

We knew that Kalise was not developing at the rate she should have been, especially when comparing her to her older brother. Her words weren’t coming at the correct stage, and often she would just seem, well just different. As an infant she would reach for you and wave and was a very happy child but vocally her attempt at words wouldn’t sound right and after a hearing test we learned that she had conducted hearing loss. After grommets were inserted at the age of 2.5 years old, she finally started to develop but we knew this would be a long road to catch up to her peers and that’s we enlisted the help of Julie.

From the word go, Julie taught us so much about Kalise and the frustrations she must have been feeling. She fully supported us throughout her preschool years and entry into mainstream primary. With her experience in all areas of mental development alongside her speech therapy work, Julie was the one who highlighted Kalise’s additional sensory needs and it was from her, that we learned about Sensory Processing Disorder. It turns out that Kalise also had this condition which allowed us to fully understand her craving for movement, her actual physical need to be held firm and bounced around and challenged physically before being able to sit and learn.

In Kalise’s world she experiences challenges that we would never have been able to fully understand or allow for if it wasn’t for Julie carefully and sensitively educating us. To say that Kalise’s vocabulary and confidence in using it has increased dramatically is an understatement and now, at nearly 6, she has pretty much caught up with her peers. The way she pronounces words and breaking the habits she has developed is still a challenge but one we are fully confident she can overcome with Julie working closely with Kalise and her teachers at school.

I can’t stress enough how vital an influence Julie has been for us, how an immense support she has been when other ‘professionals’ simply misunderstood her and didn’t give her the chance to shine. She has been our advocate and our main source of support for Kalise’s development and she truly wouldn’t have the wonderful, confident and bright little girl we have today if it wasn’t for her. We can’t thank her enough.