Picture Books with Speech Therapy

‘Colin’s Missing Feathers’ is the first of a series of picture books developed for children who have simple speech sound delays. ‘Colin’s Missing Feathers’ is for children who cannot say the /k/ sound.

Alongside their parents, carers, grandparents, they will hear about Colin and his problems saying /k/. Even children without speech delays will enjoy the story and perhaps develop empathy for Colin and peers who have the same issue? Who knows?

The story of Colin’s Missing Feathers is available to watch as a fully animated story on YouTube! Be sure to subscribe…

The following Picture Books with Speech Therapy are available as print and e-book via Amazon:
Colin’s Missing Feathers (for k/g delay)

Fabian Fish Finger (for those who use p/b instead of f/v)

Mark and the Magic Boat (for those who delete/miss the final sound of a word)

Jules wrote the books because she was acutely aware of how funding for children’s speech and language therapy has greatly reduced within the NHS over the last 15 years. This happened alongside the number of children with speech sound difficulties increasing to such a level, that it makes the mainstream news. She wanted to develop something for parents, grandparents and other carers to use so that they could help their own children address the simple speech sound delays.

There are lots of books on the market for speech sound awareness – a story with lots of words that begin with the sound the child cannot say – but they do not help the child learn how to say the /k/ sound. So, Jules came up with a story embedded with simple ‘how to’ speech therapy. She hopes this will help parents worldwide and has eleven other books in development to cover the common speech sound, and sound process delays, that occur in children under the age of seven years old.

Julie has the very kind support of Mr Phil Collins:
“Julie has been working hard to help children with speech and language difficulties for many years. I was more than happy to help her out with sponsorship in the early days, so that she could attend postgraduate courses to increase her knowledge and skills. This helped her to help children and that’s what really matters to both of us.”
Phil Collins, LVO.”

Books are all written under her pen name of Jules Arton
Julie Andrews is a Consultant Speech and Language therapist based in Leicestershire