Dyslexia is a combination of abilities and difficulties that affect the learning process in a combination of the following: Reading, spelling and writing. 

It is a persistent condition with accompanying weaknesses such as speed of processing information, short-term memory difficulties, poor organizational skills, sequencing problems, difficulty with spoken language and motor skills. 

There may also be difficulties with auditory and /or visual perception. It is particularly related to mastering and using written language, which may include alphabetic, numeric and musical notation.
Dyslexia can occur despite normal intellectual ability and teaching. It is part of one’s make-up and is independent of socio-economic or language background.

Some people with dyslexia have very well-developed creative skills and/or interpersonal skills, others have strong oral skills while some have no outstanding talents.

How can SLT Online help?

There are many different and varied techniques (see Irlen screening in CV) for overcoming Dyslexia.Julie has successfully worked with children who presented with the above difficulties and with relatively short term therapy the children have gone on to develop skills that enable them to work through the National Curriculum without needing continued additional support.

Julie Andrews, consultant speech and language therapist, offers assessments, therapy and training in the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Warwickshire areas.

To arrange an assessment with Julie please visit the appointments page. If you require any further information about the help Julie can provide for people with autism, please visit the contact page and complete the on-line form.