Autistic Spectrum Disorder 3

Autistic Spectrum Disorder 3

How can you help a child with autsim devevlop communication skills?

“Julie started working with our three and a half year old son a month after his diagnosis of ASD.

His speech was there but followed known scripts he had heard. He could not link speech and communication and was lost within himself.

After two sessions with Julie it was very clear that his will to communicate was just below the surface. Julie told us it would be hard work and there was a lot of kicking and screaming to work through before real progress was made, but as she promised, where there was conflict there was progress.

Julie has supported our family and pre-school as well as our son. She gave pre-school so many positive ideas and games to help him join in and helped staff deal with any conflict and understand why the conflict was happening.

He is now a happy, more confident little boy and will start mainstream school in September.

When you embark on speech therapy you hope for an improvement in language and communication but the change is our son is in his whole enjoyment of life and for us, our optimism about his future.”