Assessment for LEA Funding

Assessment for LEA Funding

“During our daughter’s primary and secondary education we battled to obtain sufficient hours within her statement to support her high functioning autism. Within the statement there was an element of speech and language therapy.

Whilst this therapy supported some of her needs, we did not see any marked progress during the latter years of her secondary education.

Following an interview with a specialist Further Education college outside our catchments area we were successful in obtaining a residential placement for her to study her A’ levels as well as support her special needs.

Initially we were advised that there was not enough evidence to support the funding for this placement. After consultation with the National Autistic Society it was suggested that we should contact Julie to seek further advice.

Julie attended a 1:1 session with our daughter and compiled an extremely constructive report that identified the need for further speech and language therapy. The report focused on specific areas, were there had been a shortfall, and areas were improvements needed to be made.

The report was submitted as evidence to a regional panel to assess if funding should be made available. We had previously attended many meetings with the authorities and the regional panel would have the decide the final outcome.

Within days of attending the panel we were advised that funding had been approved. As part of the evidence submitted, the panel supported the specific issues and development requirements raised within the report.

Julie’s proactive support and guidance has allowed our daughter to obtain further education in an environment that meets her special needs. This, we are immensely thankful for.”