Speech Delay

Speech Delay

What is Speech Delay?

Speech disorders refer to difficulties producing speech sounds or problems with voice quality. They might be characterized by an interruption in the flow or rhythm of speech, such as stuttering, which is called dysfluency.

Speech disorders may be problems with the way sounds are formed, called articulation or phonological disorders, or they may be difficulties with the pitch, volume or quality of the voice. There may be a combination of several problems.

People with speech disorders have trouble using some speech sounds, which can also be a symptom of a delay. They may say “see” when they mean “ski” or they may have trouble using other sounds like “l” or “r”. Listeners may have trouble understanding what someone with a speech disorder is trying to say. People with voice disorders may have trouble with the way their voices sound.

How can SLT Online help?

As a highly qualified speech therapist, Julie Andrews is able to offer advice and help to her clients and their families in finding the best course of treatment for the individual.

To arrange a consultation or assessment with Julie please visit the appointments page.